Glass Wine Bottle Betta Fish Tank Aquarium // Hand Cut Bottle Only

This hand cut 1.5 liter clear glass wine bottle makes the perfect peaceful home for a beautifully colored Betta fish. Small powerful magnets with discrete steel bolts keep the top portion of the bottle gently attached to the base. 

A wonderful addition to wedding table and party centerpieces. 

My betta has lived very happily for 3 years in his bottle home and he is still thriving!

The bottle pictured here is for the purpose of display only. The red label affixed to the neck of the bottle in the display picture is not guaranteed. Due to the nature of up-cycling it is not always possible to find the same exact bottle as we rely on the contents of the recycling bin. The listing is for one clear glass 1.5 liter wine bottle. Typically these bottle are sent out without any labels at all so that you can customize them as you wish. 

About Betta Fish

Betta's ancestors came from the shallow stagnant waters of Thailand's rice paddies. Bettas may look like ordinary fish but they are actually very special: unlike all the other common fish, they breathe air from above the water’s surface. Of course, they need water to live, but they don’t need any aeration, airpump, or filtration. Bettas are extra easy to care for and do well in small bowls, providing they are kept very clean. Never put two male bettas together as they will fight to death. Bettas are also very aggressive towards females, but gentle with other fish species (go figure). Female bettas usually get along well with each other and can be kept together and/or with other gentle fishes without problem.

Betta fish are easy to care for, but still have needs, likes and dislikes.

- Feed your Betta once a day, only what he can eat within 5 minutes. Any betta food will do. Bettas love live freezed dried brine shrimp or blood worms, ‘betta bits’ or other fish store betta food. Don’t let uneaten food rot in the tank.

- Clean your tank once a week. Make sure the replacement water is the same temperature as tank's water. Use cold tapwater only, then let it sit until it reaches room temperature. It may be necessary to slightly adjust the PH which often times is very high. A PH of 7.0 (neutral) is best. But anything from 6.5 to 7.5 is good. When time comes for cleaning , simply gently dump your Betta in a soft fish net, rinse the tank well, fill the tank with new clean water and gently dump your Betta back in.

- Keep the top of the tank covered because Betta fish are jumpers.

- Live plants in the tank are healthy for your Betta. Bettas also love Marimo moss balls which can be found here on Rehabulous

- Do not place the tank in direct sunlight or near a cold vent or draft or in a cold room. Bettas prefer warmer, even temperatures. Bettas are happiest if it stays between 70 to 80F.